Favorite Creative Blogs

I want to start off by sharing some of my favorite blogs that have provided me with so much inspiration throughout the past few years.

 Ann-Marie Loves

Years ago, I came across this gold mine of a blog and it really sparked something inside me. I’ve always been creative but struggled to find a way to channel it and Ann-Marie’s blog provided me with so many ideas for expressing my creativity. Her posts cover topics such as photography, design, blogging, diy’s, recipes, etc. I love her older posts because the content focuses more on creating and blogging. Now, it is more child-focused, which is great for people who find that interesting. Her aesthetic is simple, yet dreamy, and her photos are pleasing to the eye.
Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Digitizing Hand Lettering
DIY Gold Fringe Mobile
Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

Amy Tangerine

Amy Tangerine

I have spent many hours just swooning over Amy Tan’s work. Her work includes a little bit of everything and her fresh squeezed creations are as refreshing as they are bright.  Sometimes when we are creating, the desire of perfection can hinder us but Amy Tan provides gentle encouragement to let go of expectations and just create things in your own unique way . The crafter has a book out, Craft a Life You Love: 25 Practices for Infusing Creativity, Fun & Intention into Your Every Day. Her Youtube channel is pretty awesome too. 
Check out some of her work here:

Los Angeles Summer Stamps
Easy Holiday Cards
Obsessed with Traveler’s Notebooks

Dear Lizzy

Elizabeth Karthchner is absolutely darling. Her photos are carefully curated and she has a keen sense of style. She has created a craft line and wrote a book about creating keepsakes. She takes ordinary events and showcases them in a pretty spectacular way.

Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Favorite Camera Gear
Toil & Trouble


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